About Us

Established in 1982

Hong Kong Dim Sim Kitchen was established in 1982, by a husband and wife team of Mr Ho Kok Ching and Mrs Jackie Ho. Kok had worked with Yum Cha chefs in restaurants in Hong Kong since 1956, from the age of 14, and through his experiences, became inspired to create his own recipes – the founding recipes of Hong Kong Dim Sim Kitchen.

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Our Difference

From our age-old, traditional method of kneading the dough for our steamed buns, to our in-house furnace that we use to roast our own “Char Siu” barbecued pork, we continue to make everything from scratch, with the attention-to-detail that was instilled from day one.

Take a glimpse into the steps that go into making our signature BBQ Pork Buns.


Our MISSION – “To make Asian finger food for the Australian market using only the best ingredients and tried and tested family recipes.”

Our VISION – “To forge a brand that is trusted for its wholesome, quality ingredients and the integrity of its products – authentic in taste, texture and appearance.”

Quality Australian meat, poultry and produce

We are able to achieve full-bodied, natural flavours in our products because we use only premium cuts of Australian meat, delivered fresh daily, and vegetables sourced from a farm in rural NSW. The variety of flours that is used to make our Dim Sim and Dumplings pastry fresh each morning, have been selected specifically for their individual properties. The condiments that season our products are designed to bring out the natural taste and texture of the underlying ingredients, whether it be shoulder pork or chicken drumstick fillets, a feature of Cantonese-style cooking.