Our Difference

Wholesome, quality ingredients and attention-to-detail. Each recipe is backed by years of good, old-fashioned cooking in the kitchen. We do not make a product available unless we truly believe it is one of the best on the market.

Take a glimpse at the stages that go into making our signature BBQ Pork Bun.


  • Stage 1

    Dough is vigorously creamed and allowed to ferment over a 24 hour period, creating pockets of air and a resulting soft, fluffy texture.

  • Stage 2

    Raw Shoulder pork arrives fresh each morning and is hand-trimmed by our chef, removing any excess fat and sinew.

  • Stage 3

    Basted in our very own “Char Siu” marinade and roasted to a velvet, crispy exterior in our custom-built furnace.

  • Stage 4

    We make our own onion-infused, smokey sauce.

  • Stage 5

    BBQ Pork is meticulously diced and smothered in the onion-infused sauce, ready to be filled generously into the dough.

  • Stage 6

    The aroma is unmistakable fresh out of the steamer.